From the genius of multi award-winning inventor, David E. T. Garman OBE, comes a new product set to revolutionise the moving and handling of people around the world.


Finalist for 'Best New Concept'
The Blackwood Design Awards 2019

Finalist for 'Innovation of the Year'
The National Technology Awards 2020

The AIR CRADLE® Transfer System

The revolutionary AIR CRADLE® Transfer System is an alternative to hoists and slings. The system, which ingeniously uses low air pressure, is set to revolutionise the moving and handling of people around the world.David E. T. Garman Concepts Ltd, which has developed the product and owns the international intellectual property, has good working prototypes, though these will be further finessed over time.The company is not affiliated with any academic institution, nor in any way connected with any manufacturing company.The product is not quite "market ready" yet. However, proof of concept can clearly be demonstrated. Indeed the prototypes have already been positively reported on in TalkBack, the magazine of British medical research charity BackCare.The AIR CRADLE® Transfer System was a finalist in The Blackwood Design Awards 2019 'BEST NEW CONCEPT' category and a finalist for 'INNOVATION OF THE YEAR' in the National Technology Awards 2020.

Key Benefits

Key benefits of the product concept include its:✓ comfort, dignity and safety for users, including those requiring particularly delicate handling and transfer, or those with a phobia of being hoisted, or those who would simply prefer not to be hoisted, or whose care plans forbid that they be hoisted✓ ability, using pneumatics, to sit a person up from the supine position or lie them down from the seated position, as well as slide easily from surface to surface✓ important effect of always having the AIR CRADLE® under the user and on a bed or chair or mobile transfer height-adjusting platform, meaning that one avoids: (a) the carer having to lift them; or (b) the risk of being suspended above the ground✓ low cost✓ potential availability in a range of useful sizes (small to bariatric) and with optional extras such as a belt, an additional head rest and even a toileting-aperture✓ simplicity and speed of use✓ ease to keep clean✓ quietness of use, powered by its unique AIR CRADLE PIP® air compressor✓ ease of storage in a very small space✓ light weight – the AIR CRADLE® weighs just 3 kg!✓ easy portability, including up stairs, in luggage✓ easy transportation, in a small car or on a bicycle✓ potential use in a home lift; &✓ ability to transfer a person over more than a minimum distance

David E. T. Garman Concepts Ltd. is looking for potential investors and intellectual property licensees for the AIR CRADLE® Transfer System. To express an interest, please contact us using the form below.

Positive Feedback

TalkBack (the magazine of British medical research charity, BackCare)"BACKCARE was recently given an exclusive preview of an innovative new transfer system that allows patients to be moved in comfort and with dignity in hospital and care environments.The patented AIR CRADLE can, pneumatically, sit a person up from the supine position or lie a person down from the seated position and slide a patient with ease from surface to surface.The ergonomic design ensures the patient is secure and comfortable at all times, making the unit suitable for situations requiring particularly delicate handling and transfer. The carer does not need to lift the patient and there is no risk of the patient being suspended above the ground.The AIR CRADLE can be produced in a range of sizes - including for bariatric use - and is available with a toileting aperture option. Robust and light (just 3kg), it is easy to store and to transport, while the accompanying air compressor weighs only 4kg and is quiet to use ...It is envisaged that the manufacture and global sale of the AIR CRADLE will be licensed to a healthcare company or companies capable of exploiting its global potential."

Mark Holmes (Freelance Manual Handling Advisor, formerly Trust Manual Handling & Ergonomics Advisor, Bristol, England)"I can vouch for the AIR CRADLE having examined its parameters. It is extremely effective in limited space and comfortable / protective for the user. Very easy for the carer also. I´ve seen the product in use ...""... My team and myself appraised its use very favourably in terms of ease of use and safety ...""It really is time that the AIR CRADLE is made available nationally and internationally. A superb resource for the client and the professional."

Anita Rush (Clinical Lead Nurse - Specialist Equipment / Plus Size Management / Bariatrics, Berkshire, England)"[The AIR CRADLE Transfer System] is so good and looks so easy that it has got to be an asset to care providers and patients. I can't wait for you to tell me it has been launched.""I have seen the equipment and it does have so much potential."

The Blackwood Design Awards 2019"The Blackwood Design Awards are very competitive and this year the standard was incredibly high, so it was no small feat to get to the final stage of the competition. The AIR CRADLE® ... Transfer System impressed the judges with its progressive and inventive approach to an alternative to hoist systems ... it´s a promising concept that we´re sure will see success ...."

Example Transfers

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1. From supine on bed to seated in AIR CRADLE

2. Longitudinal movement on bed + Standing at bottom of bed

3. 90 degree turn on bed + Lift to standing

4. Getting into bed from standing

5. Single Carer Operation from supine on bed to seated in AIR CRADLE

6. Removal of AIR CRADLE while seated in chair

7. Re-insertion of AIR CRADLE while seated in chair

8. Seated in AIR CRADLE back to supine in bed

About David Garman, co-inventor of the AIR CRADLE®

David E. T. Garman OBE invented and manufactured the world's first portable powered bath lift, as well as a range of other patient lifting and handling equipment now used internationally in private homes, day centres, hospitals and care homes, and by ambulance services and emergency responders.In 1981 he founded Mangar International Ltd, based in mid-Wales. It was sold in January 2014, by which time it was a successful international company, but David didn't stop inventing. Indeed, he insisted his best product ever was yet to reach the market: The AIR CRADLE® Transfer System.In 2007 David was awarded the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) Lifetime Service Award and in the Queen's New Years Honours 2015 he was awarded an OBE for services to healthcare.David died on 4th January 2019 but his remarkable legacy lives on through his pioneering inventions and his family company: David E. T. Garman Concepts Ltd. His death was recognised by international publications including the BBC, The Times and The Telegraph, as well as leading healthcare industry publications such as COLUMN and THIIS magazines.

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David E. T. Garman Concepts Ltd. is looking for potential investors and intellectual property licensees for the AIR CRADLE® Transfer System.To express an interest, please use the form below.

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Please note the following points about these mini-videos and the AIR CRADLE® Transfer System in general:

- These videos show our prototypes in action
- The two young men in the videos are not nurses. The system is straightforward to use and will not require complex training, but there may be opportunities to refine the procedure around manual handling and infection control
- The first transfer is shown in real time so you can gauge how long it takes. After that we have speeded up some of the inflation sequences
- The system can be used on any bed, however basic or sophisticated, save for bunk beds
- The AIR CRADLE® works best with its specially designed very quiet two-pressure pump, the AIR CRADLE PIP®, which is controlled by buttons to lower the pressure inside the AIR CRADLE® to a set value for increased comfort or increase pressure to facilitate transfers
- The AIR CRADLE® itself weighs around just 3 kgs
- The AIR CRADLE PIP® pump is battery powered for ease of use and the prototype weighs about 4 kgs